2018 Board Members

Updated Friday June 21, 2019 by Community Athletic League.

President: Chuck Balback

Vice President / Cal Ripken: 

Vice President / Babe Ruth: Tom Maddams

Secretary/Treasurer: Jess Deely

T-Ball Director: Brittany Federal/Cary Doleman

Rookie Director: Pete McCarron

Minor Director: Gregg Shelton

Major Director: Harry Blackston

Umpire Director: Brian Pollack

Concession Director: Melanie Dunkelberger

Fundraiser Director: Brittany Federal


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Angela Nesci commented on September 11, 2:54pm
"WOOHOO!!! Finally and Thank Goodness!!! Let's Go Mr. President!!!!"
heather gonzalezlez commented on June 20, 4:29pm
"I visited a game in vilone park last night(6/19/19) only as a spectator- and witness a gross display of sportsmanship by the ump for this league, after doing research I believe his name was Chad Bullock, the son of the president for the league. He was calling wrong calls, bluntly disrespectful and gave full disregard for the love of the game. when calls were being challenged, as they are in any game the ump was outright disrespectful to the mother who was passionate about the love for the game- she even asked for him to pull the rule book out to clarify and he ejected her from the park. this mom used no profanity or disrespectful language and seemed to understand the game quite well. I will say the parent from the cal league were over the top with cheering and focused directly on the 1 or 2 parents from the other team. on top of the umps behavior it made for a very chaotic scene. the kids from the other team, not cal, were confused, intimidated and tormented by adults. I was at a lost for words at the display of sportsmanship that was given by your league players, umps, coaches and parents. I have never witness such a thing. At one point in time I would have been proud to sign my children up for your league but after seeing what I saw yesterday I will never allow them to be a part of such. I do sincerely hope for the other young men that had to endure playing your team that the love the game they have is not broken. As a spectator I do totally understand that the game of baseball will- and can be intense and our officials should understand as well. If an official is not able to with stand the process of the game, they should not be officiating the game. I do hope that something is done to make it a better experience for the children. signing out- call me stunned and devistated"
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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