Gregory R. Games

Updated Monday October 21, 2013 by Community Athletic League.

On January 31, 2009 the Games Family lost their husband and father Greg Games. Friends lost their most loyal and supportive friend. The Community Athletic League lost its President and Founding Member.

Five years ago, with the fate of Youth Baseball in Elsmere all but sealed, Greg, (known affectionately as Coach Greg or “Big Daddy G” to all), and a few others decided to start a new league which is now known as CAL. Greg was extremely hard working, taking on many of the duties that were unattended to, himself. Not for his own glory or position mind, but because things had to be done. He was always available to help anyone who asked for, or otherwise needed, help. The amount of time he spent on League business was staggering. Besides his daytime job as an Electrician Superintendent, Greg always managed to find time for his family and friends as well as time for teaching and playing baseball.

For those new to the League, who will never have the pleasure and honor of knowing this fine gentleman, we are sorry. You really missed out. Everyone who met him: players, coaches, managers, umpires, families, and friends have lost a great friend and mentor. Youth baseball has lost a great proponent.

Greg started his career with Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Baseball about 15 years ago. His sole interest was to see young boys and girls learn the game of baseball. He knew that the game of baseball was a lot like life; if you work hard, you succeed; if you are honest and approachable, you make lifelong friends; if you learn your place on a team, learn to depend on and encourage your teammates and listen to your coaches' direction; you have a good chance of winning.

With Greg's passing we have all been devastated. But Greg always said the League was a team and no one person was indispensable. However we may disagree with his prophetic words in hindsight, it was Greg's express wish, voiced many times, that the Community Athletic League, Inc. should grow, flourish and become self-sufficient. In that light, and with Coach Greg watching over us, we, the Executive Board of CAL, pledge to see his vision through to the best of our ability.


This one’s for you, Big Daddy G!